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Taking the Lead: Green IT in the States

February 2009

States are proven leaders in the green movement. In the face of tightening budgets that demand a departure from business as usual, states are demonstrating leadership through an array of green initiatives.

Government runs on IT. And green IT is a growing movement that requires attention from government leaders. State governments, with their state CIO, can start greening IT practices today.

This short, informational video Taking the Lead: Green IT in the States is designed to help state CIOs assist government leaders in demonstrating that, by exploring these opportunities now, states can lead by example.

How green is your IT?

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State IT Workforce: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

October 2007

The predicted shortage in the state government IT workforce has been discussed and debated for a decade. A product of NASCIO’s Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) Public Private Partnership Working Group, State IT Workforce: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? is a research survey that was designed to assess the current and future landscape of the state IT workforce. Covering such topics as anticipated state IT workforce retirements, employee recruitment and retention, and options for future state IT staffing and service structures, this online survey garnered 46 state responses—among the highest response rates of any NASCIO survey. The results of this survey provide states with a broad perspective on state IT workforce issues as a whole, and also allow CIOs to further assess the IT employment outlook within their respective states.

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NASCIO Enterprise Architecture SOA Webinar Archive CD

June 2006

This CD contains audio and presentation files from the 2006 NASCIO Enterprise Architecture Committee's webinar series on Services-Oriented Architecture. Topics include:

  • SOA and Decision-Support Services for Government Operations
  • The Value Add of a Spatially Enabled Service Oriented Architecture
  • SOA - Making It A Reality
  • Deploying SOA for Criminal Justice: Iowa & Colorado Case Studies
  • Delivering Greater Government Flexibility with Service Oriented Architecture
  • Service Infrastructure: A Practical Approach to SOA for an Enterprise
  • SOA Adoption Model and SOA-Based Project Methodology: Emerging Best Practice for SOA Governance

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In Hot Pursuit: Achieving Interoperability Through XML

October 2004

CD version is higher quality than the streaming version.

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