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What is an Association Management Company or AMC? #WhatisanAMC

An association management company (AMC) provides professional services including strategic leadership, financial management, event planning, member relations, marketing and communications, program management, information technology services and general administration to trade associations, membership societies and nonprofit foundations. Basically, instead of hiring a staff, buying or renting an office and purchasing equipment, organizations contract with firms like AMR Management Services. We answer the phones, manage day-to-day operations and enable volunteer leaders to focus on the mission and vision of the association.

Associations turn to AMCs to solve problems and drive value through expert leadership, strategic guidance and operational excellence. They come to AMR to turn vision into action, and action means results.

While AMR specializes in public sector, healthcare and professional associations, we have the capability to work with associations of all sizes, in a variety of industries and in all life cycle stages.

Association Management Trio

AMC Benefits

What are the Benefits of an Association Management Company?

Many associations rely on volunteer leadership and outsourcing of specialized services to get their work done and their goals met. Volunteers have little time for an "extra job." In fact, often the same three or four members take on the majority of the work and quickly burn out.

Piecemeal outsourcing of meeting planning, graphic design, website design and hosting, strategic planning and other mission-critical components can be costly and time-consuming for volunteer leaders.

An accredited AMC offers quality, effective solutions and organization for associations:

  • Economies of scale through combined buying power and cost-sharing. Through the AMC model, client-partners reinvest the value of those economies to grow new or expand existing programs
  • Integrated services: no more putting programs together piecemeal
  • On-demand specialized personnel such as meeting planners and accountants
  • Access to proven best practices and ability to leverage expertise of all AMC staff and experience to provide solutions for delivering the services that associations need
AMC Reasons

Top 10 Reasons to Engage an Association Management Company

  1. AMCs serve as headquarters — staff, files and history all live in one place
  2. Free your board to focus on strategic direction, rather than tactical issues
  3. Remain in the know with a strong base of institutional knowledge
  4. Stop losing sleep over liability issues
  5. Tap experts and skilled specialists in a variety of functional areas
  6. Access the latest technological advances, without all the associated costs
  7. Retain skilled staff members that align with your organization's needs
  8. Stay on top of the latest trends in the association industry
  9. Enjoy enhanced leverage with outside vendors and increased buying power
  10. Say goodbye to HR headaches for good
AMC Facts

AMC Facts & Figures

  • 500+ Association Management Companies
  • Located in 48 states and 11 other countries
  • 150 percent growth since 1986
  • Industry Revenue: $506 million
  • Managed Associations: 7,600
  • Total Client Budgets: $3.5 billion
  • Average Client Budget: $745,000
  • Members Managed: 4.9 million
  • Major Meetings: 3,766 annually
  • Major Meetings Managed by AMCs: 4,789 annually
  • All Meetings Managed by AMCs: 22,839 annually
Information provided by the AMC Institute www.amcinstitute.org