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Education and Engagement Design

Association conferences are often the primary benefit derived by members, stakeholders and industry professionals, so it is critical that organizers take a purposeful approach to planning each aspect of the conference experience.

Using design models rooted in adult learning principles, the Department of Education and Engagement Design transforms client events into innovative and purposeful educational experiences.  The department supports association clients in establishing goals for conferences, ensuring the event is designed to support the most important, relevant and desired outcomes for participants.

Using innovative approaches to education and engagement, AMR client events deliver on the most important priorities for participants; with successful attainment of outcomes measured carefully against established metrics. Using design thinking and a purposeful approach to conference planning helps the association ensure conferences and events contribute to achievement of strategic objectives and build engagement across the organization.

Examples of the services provided by the Department of Education and Engagement Design include:

  • Process improvement rooted in meeting design
  • Outcome-driven conference planning
  • Evaluation and data strategies
  • Communications, learning and engagement strategies
  • Innovative meeting and adult learning techniques

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