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turning vision into action
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AMR Culture

AMR is proud of our flexible, friendly atmosphere and strong culture, as evidenced not only by our perennial selection as one of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky, but also in our long-tenured client partner relationships. In 2017, AMR celebrated our 20th year in existence, and many of our current clients have been with us since day one.

Our company remains true to our core values of Success Together | Casual and Focused on Results | Positive Workplace | Flexible | Ownership | Get Stuff Done | Professional Growth | Transparent and Inclusive in everything we do. These values are ingrained in how we treat our client partners and each other.

Every company thinks they have the best people. But here at AMR, we REALLY have the best people and we REALLY mean it. Our employees are dedicated to the job they do (some might call it obsessed), but they are also dedicated to what they do outside of our four walls. Our people take their work seriously and take their home lives even more seriously. And we think that’s great.

The AMR Way is found in the details—of our culture, our work and our partnership with clients. It is the details of how our services are delivered that sets AMR apart.

#AMRculture: While deeply committed to their jobs, AMR employees are also deeply committed to their families and communities. They volunteer, travel, bake, coach teams, serve on boards, and talk about their kids and pets. AMR provides generous time off, flexible work schedules, professional development, and opportunities for community involvement. We know productive, happy and creative employees are fulfilled and well-rounded people both in and out of the office.

#AMRwork: Success is in the details, and our processes ensure the details remain in focus. With more than 20 years of experience, AMR has refined company-wide processes to ensure a clear vision of partnership success and a roadmap to get there. Workplans, event timelines, accounting processes and project management may not be glamorous, but they are the foundation to make sure operations runs smoothly and strategically. With a plan for the nuts and bolts and an emphasis on transparency and communication, employees have the time to focus on the details and little extra touches that wow members and conference attendees.

#AMRclients: AMR doesn’t see us and you, but approaches our client partnership as we. As shown in our cheeky #otherdutiesasassigned social media campaign, AMR’s team goes the extra mile because we are passionate about and committed to our client partners’ missions.

What makes us different? Our people. Our passion. Our process.

AMR will be the nation’s most respected and sought after association management company.

Through our passion, people and principles, AMR turns vision into action to enable client success.

To add value for our client partners by serving as their trusted advisor and by executing their plans with excellence.

Voted One Of The Best Places To Work In Kentucky
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