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turning vision into action
Association Management Consulting Services

At AMR we don’t just have clients … we have partners. Our success is built on ensuring the growth and success of associations and not-for profit organizations that we are privileged to serve.

To that end, AMR is happy to announce the expansion of our offerings to include a number of consultative services designed to set your organization on a path of sustained growth and success.

We work with you to develop a customized program that fits your specific association or ogranization needs. Whether you’re an existing AMR client partner or are simply seeking our 15-plus years of association management, event planning, consulting and leadership expertise to help guide you through a specific need, AMR can customize a program for you.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Managing tomorrow’s business in the face of the rapid change that most organizations experience in this technology-driven world is very different. Tomorrow’s success comes from the decisions you make today.

It’s for that reason strategic planning is so critical to your organization’s overall success and long-term growth. Our consultants will work with you to gather the information necessary to ensure your organization’s leadership is making informed, knowledge-based decisions to develop a plan that is actionable, as well as agile, for today’s changing world.

Our customized approach will ensure your organization has clarity of vision and mission that will lead to success not just today, but tomorrow.


Leadership Workshops

Training and development of association or non-profit leaders comes in many forms. From programs on board orientation and governance to interpersonal relationships, workforce management, and all areas in between, AMR has the expertise to customize any level of leadership workshop you desire. 

 As with all of our consultative services, AMR will assess your unique needs and customize a training plan for your organization that will deliver the skills necessary to take your leadership - and your organization – to the next level.


Appreciative Inquiry

While AMR Consulting offers all levels of training for any organization, for those wishing to embrace organizational change in a different way, we also offer expertise in delivery of Appreciative Inquiry workshops.

The traditional approach to organizational change is to identify a problem, perform a diagnosis and find a solution. Appreciative Inquiry chooses not to focus on what’s broken with an organization and look first at what works. It is deliberate in seeking the exceptionality within an organization – it’s people, it’s mission, it’s uniqueness – and building on that momentum.

Through our collaborative approach, we work with leadership, membership and key stakeholders to develop an exciting vision and plan for the future based. With an Appreciative Inquiry workshop, AMR will help you take your organization to new heights.

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