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Conference Strategy: An Association's Secret Weapon

The Challenge
To give strategic purpose to the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) Annual Conference. Like many associations, NASPO held an Annual Conference with positive satisfaction ratings from participants, but that didn’t always connect member attendees with their larger professional development needs from the organization. Even with the introduction of a new strategic plan, conference registration was still driven more by destination than by the quality of the event itself and the evaluation results indicated disappointment in the gaps between the conference and what members truly wanted and needed.  NASPO realized quickly there was no mention of the Annual Conference – or any of the association’s conferences – in the strategic plan.

National Association of State Chief Information Officers Online Conference Check-in

The Challenge
The National Association of State Chief Information Officers has two conferences each year with attendee numbers ranging from 500 – 700 individuals. A great deal of staff time was being devoted to printing/stuffing badges for these conferences as well as the customer service issue of check-in lines with a manual check-in process. The association needed to institute a more streamlined process but feared the cost given the fact that NASCIO’s conference attendance is relatively small by comparison.

Conference Innovation Drives Member Engagement

The Challenge
Adults learn as much from one another as they do from the experts that give presentations during a conference. As a part of the goals for its 2016 Annual Conference, the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) wanted to drive more peer-to-peer learning and infuse purposeful engagement opportunities into traditional networking breaks.  

A New Civic Hero – The Role and Branding of the State Chief Information Officer

The Challenge
Information technology in state government is far more than boxes and wires; it is the fabric of government and very often the face of government. The work that supports, connects, secures and engages is led by state chief information officers (CIO), yet this role is often misconceived as solely a technologist rather than policy leader and strategist.

Promoting, advancing and reinforcing the state CIO as a key state leader is a primary goal for the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).  NASCIO also seeks to share stories of IT innovations that support, enable and transform the business of state government.

National Association of State Procurement Officials: State Certification Toolkit

The Challenge
The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), one of AMR’s clients, was charged with creating a professional development and ongoing learning platform for its members. They envisioned a multi-faceted education platform that would assist its members and other state government procurement professionals with resources to help advance public procurement, which includes helping states develop their own certification programs.

The development of this program was important because of its connection to certification; both national and state specific certifications are very important to the NASPO membership. This was also identified by the membership as an area where additional resources and support were needed. NASPO leadership came up with Procurement U as a name and challenged the staff with creating a resource for state’s developing or enhancing their own certification programs that could be delivered in a fun, interactive, online format that would be easy to use and easy to update.