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Fulfilling your Fiduciary Duties? 10 Tips for Nonprofit Leaders

Megan Smyth, JD, Senior Policy Analyst, National Association of State Procurement Officials

A nonprofit organization is one that, as a matter of law, does not have shareholders, and the profits of the organization are not distributable to the corporation’s members, directors, or officers. Nonprofit association members often take on great responsibility when they become directors and officers. These people are very passionate individuals who believe in the mission of their organization, and seek to serve those organizations well, working toward the common vision of the membership. Channeling that passion and desire to serve into the association’s leadership is what helps propel nonprofits into new and better places. Members who desire to lead shouldn’t be afraid to step into a leadership role—rather, they should educate themselves about how to govern their nonprofit in an ethical and legally sound way.

Innovating a Better Conference: Part Four - Using Design Thinking to Enhance Association Conferences, Meetings and Events

Molly Marsh, AMR Director of Education and Engagement Design

Design thinking has emerged as a major force for transformation in the association industry (don’t believe me, see how pervasive it is in industry publications, conferences and research). When you see the results, it should be no surprise that this is where we’re headed. Applying principles of Meeting Design to conferences can transform a meeting from a list of activities on an agenda to an immersive experience that drives learning, professionalism and ongoing engagement.

Incorporating design-inspired steps, questions and considerations into conference planning empowers organizers to innovate new and better conferences. Each part of this series will explore a different aspect of the design process, demonstrating how the conference experience is enhanced by one simple shift in planning methodology: do everything with the end in mind.

Part Four – The Lesson

Work Hard, Play Hard

Makensie Jackson, Human Resources Assistant

Here at AMR we like to bring a little fun to the workplace by planning activities and celebrations. We recognize that our employees work hard and we want them to have fun while doing so.