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Molly Marsh, CMP, Association Director, National Association for Children’s Behavioral Health

Conference Engagement Hacks: Breaking the Ice without Breaking the Bank

Kaitlyn Wilde, AMR Association Administrator

Face-to-face connection time with other members is likely one of your association’s top conference value propositions. So, what do you do to spice up the traditional icebreaker session without breaking the bank? Earlier this year AMR held its inaugural event: IdeaCON. At this event AMR staff showcased several lively and economical ideas to bring a fresh face to icebreakers.

Make the Brain Work for It!

Molly Marsh, AMR Director of Education and Engagement Design

A designer, psychologist and a behavioral economist walk into a university…

Also potentially the start of a terrible joke, it happens to be the beginning of the story of Sans Forgetica, a new typeface created to help increase retention and learning from written material.  As noted in the previous blog post about Elaboration, learning is much more complex than simply consuming information.