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How AMR is the Omelet Station of the Breakfast Buffet

By Sarah Razor, MPA, Senior Policy Analyst, National Association of State Procurement Officials

I am one of those annoying morning people who wakes up at 5:00 a.m. because I like it. I like the quiet and the jump start on the day, even more than an hour of sleep.  It’s ridiculous, I know.  The teenager-version of myself would hardly recognize me now. 

Protecting Tax Exempt Status

By Mattie Conkwright, CPA Controller, AMR

In order for nonprofit organizations recognized as tax exempt to maintain tax-exempt status and avoid penalties, there are certain activities that are prohibited, and certain filing and disclosures required:

Young Grower Scholarship Sponsor

By Rick Dungey, Executive Director, International Fruit Tree Association

The International Fruit Tree Association (IFTA) Membership Committee was convinced the best path to membership growth was through engaging and communicating with next generation growers in the tree fruit industry.  They wanted to implement a program that supported and encouraged attendance at IFTA’s conferences and educational tours by the next generation of orchardists.  So AMR staff helped them implement a “scholarship” program for young growers.

Infographics for Associations

by Liz Fossett, Deputy Director, NAGDCA

Most people receive countless emails and view hundreds of images and ads online in just one day. How does an association reach its members, let alone potential members, with so much information at every turn? One solution is the infographic, which are a simple way to tell a story in a visually appealing format, and cut through other information members are presented with. Best of all, they help ensure your association’s message is heard. NAGDCA's Deputy Director, Liz Fossett shares more about the benefits of using infographics, and how to create them, in Stronger by Association's latest entry!