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Twitter, who? Getting started on Twitter with your client

Olivia Hook, NASCIO Research and Digital Communications Coordinator

Social media has become ubiquitous in recent years, and Twitter, the current ‘king’ of social media has exploded. Twitter is no longer just a space for you to post what you had for lunch or what you think of the newest Star Wars movie. Twitter has become the interactive platform for corporate organizations and non-profits alike. Who knew that this simple, fun way of posting your thoughts quickly for friends and followers to see would take off in the professional world? So, how do you get started using Twitter for your client?

Member Engagement - More Takeaways from the Higher Logic Super Forum

Kristy Howard, Project Coordinator, National Association of State Procurement Officials

The never ending story of member engagement

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Higher Logic’s Super Forum. On the surface this is just a gathering of community managers that are using their software to promote member engagement and tips on how to better use their product, but in reality it’s so much more. I spent two days surrounded by community managers from every spectrum of the association world and one theme held true. How do we get our members more engaged in our association so they continue to see value in their membership?

Takeaways from the Higher Logic Super Forum

Olivia Hook, NASCIO Research and Digital Communications Coordinator

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Arlington, VA for Higher Logic’s annual ‘Super Forum’. During this two day high-energy conference, I got to pick the brains of Higher Logic’s creators, as well as other community managers from associations near and far. Being a fairly new AMR and NASCIO employee, I took this conference as a ‘crash course’ in community management.

Not Just a Hammer in Your Toolbox

I read an article recently carried by Meetings & Conventions Magazine’s digital version by Michael J. Shapiro. The gist of the article was that the meetings industry costs in North America in 2016 will continue to skyrocket. He goes on to say, “high-demand markets, as noted by Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), will drive several cost factors. Among them, flexibility is being reduced or removed in clauses regarding cancellation and attrition both for rooms and F&B, the ability to resell unused rooms is likewise being limited, and hotels are becoming less likely to hold space when responding to availability requests.”

Embezzlement – is your nonprofit association at risk?

J. Scott Dick, CPA, CAE, AMR Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations

We’ve heard much about fraud and embezzlement in the news headlines of recent years, in a time of much economic instability and uncertainty. How is your organization managing? How about your employees and trusted volunteers?