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Improving Engagement in your Online Community

Olivia Hook, NASCIO Research and Digital Communications Coordinator

With the use of online communication collaboration platforms on the rise, the concern with member engagement is ever present among community managers. Our members are busy professionals, no matter their industry, and few have time to log into yet another account and read through dozens of discussion threads. Read on for a few tips on how to improve and increase engagement in your association’s online community.

We Have a New Client…Now What???

Tracy Tucker, AMR VP of Client Services

Onboarding a new client is an exciting time! Adding a client means growth in your business and it creates opportunities for team members to learn new industries and to develop professional and personal skills.

Sounds great, right? 

Why Associations Should Pay Attention to Digital Marketing

Olivia Hook, Research & Digital Communications Coordinator, NASCIO

I am a big fan of continuing education, so when I received an invitation to attend a digital marketing training hosted by RevLocal and Google, my desire to learn took over. I must admit that though digital marketing is a component of my job, I was not sure how this training could directly benefit my client.

The morning began with a light breakfast and the opportunity to network with other attendees. I was amazed by the diverse industries and local businesses that were in attendance. Of all the people I spoke with that morning, I was the only one from the association world.

Six Things I Learned While Prepping for the CAE That Weren't on the Exam

Sarah Razor, Director of External Relations, National Association of State Procurement Officials

When you think of a Scantron sheet, do you get a little bit of test anxiety?  Just picture all those rows and rows of empty bubbles, with your yellow #2 pencil poised in test-taking position in a room so quiet that mundane noises like pencil scratches on paper and chair squeaks seem to occupy a permeant place in the front of your brain.

Should I use an infographic to say this?

Olivia Hook, Research & Digital Communications Coordinator, NASCIO

We live in a fast-paced world. With information coming at you from every angle throughout the day, how do you get a message across to your members and partners in a way that will stick? Infographics are not a new phenomenon, but they have been gaining popularity recently as a visually appealing way to disseminate important information in the association world and beyond.