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turning vision into action

Collaborative Problem-Solving at AMR IdeaCON

Molly Marsh, AMR Director of Education and Engagement Design

I love that AMR strives to make high quality-training and ongoing professional development available to all members of the team. But when planning the inaugural IdeaCON internal association management training conference, we knew that just providing education wouldn’t help us achieve our goals of becoming a stronger, more collaborative team… 

Volunteer Performance Feedback: The Elephant in the Room

Whitney Wilgus, Executive Director

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our association’s efforts.  Their performance affects our association’s outcomes and reputation.  Despite this, associations tend to avoid giving volunteers formal feedback like the plague. 





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Grab Your Trapper Keeper and Your Lunchbox, It’s Time to Dust off Those Research Paper Skills: Why association publications make a huge impact

Amy Glasscock, Senior Policy Analyst + Jamie Rodgers, Deputy Director

What if you could increase the influence and reach of your association, make it the first organization that legislators, media and like-minded groups turn to for information, and set it apart as a national leader in your field just by dusting off your high school research paper skills?

3-Piece Nuggets

2018 ASAE Annual Meeting Takeaways

Three AMR employees recently attended the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting & Expo August 18-21, 2018 in Chicago.  These lucky ladies joined thousands of association professionals and industry partners to exchange resources, strategies, and solutions to bring back home to their respective clients and co-workers.  Given the chance to share one impactful nugget from the conference, here is what each of the AMR attendees had to say:

Event Life-Cycles: Using the Past to Prepare for the Future

Emily Hook, CMP Conferences and Events Manager

AMR applies a “simple” but very effective life-cycle format for our event design and execution.  Our post-event success is dependent on our pre-event structure and implementation. However, pre-event organization is only effective if the foundation laid from the previous post-event analysis is comprehensive and thorough. Hence, the life-cycle of AMR events.