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5 Tips to Design Like a Pro

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5 Tips to Design Like a Pro

Julie Pelstring, Senior Digital Graphic Designer

Cost Savings in the graphics world

Take stock photos that don’t look like stock photos. iPhone cameras have excellent pixel quality – so you can search for stock photos and use the idea as a reference to recreate the scene in your own environment. The effect will help you seem real and authentic.

Templates are a great way to help speed up the design process. There are lots of file template sites – and some, like Envato - give free downloads each month for signing up. At the very least, providing your designer with options that you like from a google search will generate ideas.


Use the software you already have; design is everywhere

Design is across all platforms. It’s not just the creative suite that can produce fully designed products. If you have design skills but lack the software, have your designer create a template In PowerPoint! That way, you can use it to create web banners, email signatures, twitter/Facebook graphics, etc. PowerPoint can make custom sizes, so with moveable graphics, the possibilities are endless. 



Use your imagination!

You’re smarter than you realize. If you’re not a designer, there are online tools that you can use to be self-sufficient and save your design budget for larger projects! Websites like and offer resizing, cropping images, and more. You don’t need InDesign or Illustrator to make something great.



Tools you can use

In the online design communities, there are easy to use websites that offer designing for simple banners and web graphics. Adobe spark and Piktochart are a few of these. Starting here is a great way to decide what content, icons and imagery you want to include in your graphic. So, you can DIY, or simply provide a visual to your designer, which will save your designer time, and ultimately save you money!



It’s all about your brand

It’s important to have everyone on the same page. That’s why style guides – or even a simple color sheet for each client - help everyone to stay consistent throughout projects. These PDFs can have all the brand/colors/fonts in one place, so they are accessible to everyone.

When implemented, the benefit is a cohesive polished look, so that when people interact with your brand for the first time, it looks professional.

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