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A Day in the Life - Conferences and Events

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A Day in the Life - Conferences and Events

Will Engle, AMR Director of Conferences and Events

I think most people would tell you, when asked if planning events sounds like it would be a fun line of work, that yes, they think it would be: traveling all over the country and the world, meeting all types of new people, and having the unique opportunity to see first-hand the fruits of your labor borne out. Well, I have a little secret for you… they’re right! But that’s just a small part of what our dynamic team of event managers get to do on a typical day.

Our team loves coming to work, because every day is different. At the intersection of two dynamic industries, hospitality and association management, every day in the life of our Conferences and Events team will have one thing in common: it won’t look like the day before or the day after.

Today, we are searching for the right location for a state government group that’s taking its event to California; working with a hotel partner across the country to ensure we secure a hotel that has the right meeting space to allow the group to attain its goals, while also negotiating a contract that will minimize the group’s financial risk.

Tomorrow we will be working with our client team partners to determine some new and fun ways to enhance the experience for a nursing group’s conference, whether that’s introducing new technology, an innovative educational session or designing a networking function to best maximize everyone’s time together.

And finally, the following day, we set off in that aforementioned jet, to spend four days with our members executing on the vision, and seeing all of the hard work and preparation come to life; playing the “maestro” onsite at the event, making sure all of the different instruments, or elements of the conference, play a beautiful song.

In the end, we all come to work every day knowing that the work we do matters, because it allows our client partners to better do their work that matters. And we get to have some fun in the process.

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