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Policy Talk with Amy and Meredith Part II

Policy Talk with Amy and Meredith Part I
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Policy Talk with Amy and Meredith Part II

Amy Hille Glasscock and Meredith Ward - NASCIO

In this blog entry, Amy Hille Glasscock and Meredith Ward, both senior policy analysts for the National Association of Chief Information Officers (, describe why they do what they do. See part I here.

Because only some of AMR’s clients have policy analysts, you may wonder why they are necessary. Well, as former lobbyists we are only too happy to explain why we are so important!

We provide a service to our members who may not have the resources to hire dedicated policy staff. With tight state budgets, and daily fires to put out, many state CIOs and their teams don’t have a chance to sit down and think about policy issues in the same way devoted policy staff can.

At the trade association level, we can also provide a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening around the country. We pull survey data and interviews from NASCIO members nation-wide to find trends and recommendations and distill that information down into policy papers, one-pagers, webinars or presentations. For example, Meredith recently published a toolkit for State Chief Information Security Officers (doesn’t that sound useful?!), and Amy published a paper on unmanned aerial systems (which are drones, but we don’t say drones. Oops, I just said drones.)

But even if our members don’t have time to read papers, they can usually afford an hour a month to drop in on a committee call or webinar run by one of our policy people to hear from experts in the field on what’s happening in areas of particular interest to State CIOs.
We find our work to be continually changing, interesting and rewarding, and we think our members find value the type of information we can provide.

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