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Infographics for Associations

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Infographics for Associations

by Liz Fossett, Deputy Director, NAGDCA

Most people receive countless emails and view hundreds of images and ads online in just one day. How does an association reach its members, let alone potential members, with so much information at every turn? One solution is the infographic. Infographics are a simple way to tell a story in a visually appealing format, and cut through other information members are presented with. Best of all, they help ensure your association’s message is heard.

Infographics present an opportunity to build brand awareness and educate without being boring or longwinded, and can simply be created in-house by using online tools like Piktochart, or Markets are increasingly driven by social connections and data sharing, and infographics take advantage of that. They provide statistics and numbers that compel people to read and share, and they are easily shared on social media platforms, websites, and email.

Like other marketing techniques, an infographic is most successful when it tells a simple story. An infographic should have a clear direction and provide credible information without being too lengthy or busy.

To create an infographic, you should first decide what you want to say and what data you’ll need to tell your story. You’ll need to decide if you already have the necessary information available to you, or if you will need to collect additional data.

After you’ve settled upon the story and data, you’ll want to develop a design. A graphic designer can help, but any of the online tools have pre-made chart designs that can be customized with new colors and images. The infographic can be created with a look similar to your current association brand, or can be totally different from other materials.

When creating the infographic, you’ll want to take advantage of different colors, font sizes, and images to make important information stand out, while making sure the infographic isn’t too busy.

Once you’ve created the infographic, the most important thing you can do is share it! Put it on your website, share it on social media, and email it to your members and prospects. Don’t leave out any options that might help you reach a broader audience.

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