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Virtual Meetings - First Steps White Paper

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Virtual Meetings - First Steps White Paper

Why a Virtual Event?

Virtual events are held for the same reasons as in-person events: to deliver your association’s message to drive leads and revenue, drive adoption, and build loyalty lifetime value. When deciding whether to make your event virtual, consider what you hope to gain from the event and how well those goals can be reached virtually versus in-person.

  • Accessibility: While the event is still being held in-person, virtual options allow you to accommodate attendees who are unable to attend in person.
  • Budget: Your organization needs to cut costs and making smaller events and webinars virtual can help move money to the biggest event of the year that brings in the largest number of leads. It also helps to have a virtual or hybrid option when attendee budgets to travel are a concern.
  • There’s no other option: Whether due to the extreme weather, travel bans, or an act of God, you’re forced to make your in-person event virtual or cancel it altogether

Click on the image below to read our PDF on Virtual Meeting First Steps.

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