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Benefits of an AMC
Many associations rely on volunteer leadership and outsourcing of specialized services to get their work done and their goals met. Volunteers have little time for an "extra job." In fact, often the same three or four members take on the majority of the work and quickly become burned out. 

Piecemeal outsourcing of meeting planning, graphic design, website design and hosting, strategic planning and other mission-critical components can be costly and time-consuming for volunteer leaders who are managing and coordinating with various service providers.

An accredited AMC offers quality, effective solutions and organization for associations: 
  • Economies of scale through combined buying power and cost-sharing. Through the AMC model, client-partners reinvest the value of those economies to grow new or expand existing programs.
  • Integrated services: no more putting programs together piecemeal.
  • On-demand specialized personnel such as meeting planners and accountants.  
  • Access to proven best practices and ability to leverage expertise of all AMC staff and experience to provide solutions for delivering the services that associations need.
  • Learn more about the benefits of AMC management.
Submit an RFP for Association Management Services
Please complete the form below. Detail provided in your RFP will be reflected through a specific and relevant proposal. However, a full RFP submission is not necessary to inquire to AMR Management Services. A contact name and email or phone number is sufficient to start the RFP process. Whether you require full-service association management or a project management, AMR's services can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your organization.

AMR Management Services will treat all information as confidential, and will not release any information without prior permission. 

For assistance with your RFP submission, please contact:

Nick Ruffin, CAE
AMR Management Services
President & COO
P :: (859) 514-9150
E ::nruffin@amrms.com


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