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Client Testimonial
"Thank you for your insight and continued grounding of our Board of Governors. AMR has kept our aspirations aligned with reality, and pushed us along the path we need to take. For my repeat appearance on the board 16 to 20 years later, it is thrilling for me to see how far we have grown, and humbling to see how much more needs to be done. I am truly able to envision a bright future with AMR as our association management partner."

Christine Young, MA, CMI
Young, McKenna & Associates, Inc.
President-Elect, AMI
Answers to your Association Management Questions

With the resources, knowledge and experience from serving professional, trade and nonprofit associations, the staff at AMR are ready to help any association fulfill its mission and turn vision into action.

Are you looking for a new idea or helpful feedback? Ask AMR is a service for association leaders who are seeking assistance with a challenging issue or simply want a new perspective on professional association management.

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